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Outdoor First Aid Emergency Action - 8 hours (ITC)


/live/qualifications/ITC Outdoor First Aid Training.jpgEnquiries often wish for bespoke, specific outdoor first aid training for a particular outdoor activity and believe that a regulated qualification may be a little too prescriptive and not allow the emphasis and bias of the training to fully explore their needs.

Centres delivering ITC environment specific first aid apply existing ITC quality assurance procedures, resources and technical standards to produce tailored 1-day courses for a variety of activities.  


This ITC first aid qualification is suitable for those working in the outdoors close to roads or buildings, e.g. Field Studies Centre.


The first aid training requirements for various groups and national governing bodies does vary.  Recognising this, ITC First working with selected ITC Centres has developed a range of specific outdoor activity first aid qualifications, with content designed specifically for these environments, delivered by experienced professionals in these fields, e.g. first aid for group leader, walk leader.

ITC Centres deliver many of these first aid qualifications for groups at their own site.

Contact the ITC Office who will be able to put you in touch with a Centre or trainer who has previously delivered specific first aid training in your environment.



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