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ITC First Aid for Dogs

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/live/qualifications/Dog Compliance logo.png.jpgNew from October 01, 2018.

This short (2 unit) qualification is regulated by SQA Accreditation.

This qualifications develops techniques into skills and provides essential knowledge covering regular occurrences with dogs that may or may not require a visit to the vet.



Builds another unit onto the 3-hour Emergency First Aid for Dogs content.  Becoming more skilful at managing dog first aid incidents and developing the knowledge that should be readily available for all dog owners.

As well as Emergency First Aid for Dogs content the course includes:

Common illness, burns, poisons, bites stings, thermal disorders, when to go to vet decisions all within the context of managing realistic training scenarios and incidents.

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If you have an interest or business associated with dogs ITC will support youdelivering these qualifications for your own client groups.  ITC offers a regular programme of Dog First Aid Trainer events.


The package includes:

  • 6 Hours typical delivery time.
  • Course notes/manual + handouts based upon current best practice in UK and USA.
  • Progressive, practical, contextual skill development.
  • ITC produced and SQA Accreditation regulated certificate with a valid lifetime of 3 years.