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ITC First Aid for Dogs and Dog Owners

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/live/qualifications/Dog Compliance logo.png.jpgThere is no NHS for Dogs

Why Dog First Aid?  Because unlike other pets, dogs travel with us pretty much everywhere we go.  Incidents away from home, walking in the countryside, road traffic incidents all will need immediate action prior to getting to a vet.  The vet ambulance does not come to you!


Building upon the emergency course.  Topics include: Know your dog, weekly health checks, managing an incident, checking and understanding vital signs, dealing with unconsciousness, CPR, drowning, choking, illness, burns, poisons, bites,  stings,  bleeding, injuries, shock, heat and cold disorders, restraints, carrying and moving techniques, dealing with aggressive/confused dog and dog bites on humans.


Dog First Aid Training

Training package includes:

  • Course notes/manual based on current best practice in UK and USA.
  • Progressive, practical skills development.
  • ITC Certificate in First Aid for Dogs and Dog Owners with 3 year lifetime.