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Dog First Aid Trainer

/live/qualifications/Dog course image.jpgThis is the course designed to train suitably qualified individuals to deliver ITC
dog first aid courses to members of the public and this who work with to look after dogs.

It provides an induction to all the teaching and assessing procedures with all first aid course delivery resources provided, e.g. Powerpoint, interactive and practical training scenarios with feedback from experienced professional trainers. 

It is a dynamic, skill based event where all areas of delivery are practiced and explained using modern interactive methods.

The course follows the timeline of a typical dog first aid course with teaching practice and analysis of all aspects of the programme.  Content is compliant with Recover 2012 guidelines and relevant sections of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.

Normally delivered over 2 days by a number of experienced centres across UK.


Recent course evaluation from A. Clark


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