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Basic First Aid - up to 4 hours (ITC)

These courses cover the essentials of managing immediate and potentially life threatening incidents in a systematic manner.  Ideal for Appointed Persons and anyone who is required to take charge at an incident.  Any workplace or School!

Course Duration

Variable, Normally 2 - 4 hrs


Experienced professional trainers with an active professional interest in First Aid training, coming from a variety of working backgrounds understanding the specific needs of various environments.  Our trainers are constantly updating their methods and materials keeping abreast of current best practice from around the world.  Trainers typically have knowledge of your workplace and follow Health and Safety approved code of practice guidelines.


Safe best practice.

Tailored to suit your needs.

Awareness of current regulations.

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Interactive hands on practical training
One CPR training manikin per 2 participants
A certificate produced by an Awarding Body (Ofqual, Qualification Wales & SQA regulated)  valid for 3 years


Course fees vary according to location, venue etc.

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