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In the modern world qualifications and training are important.  With ITC you can be confident that centres and candidates are benefitting from current best practice.


All qualifications on the national frameworks are externally regulated by the official national regulators of qualifications.

The qualifications on the national frameworks.

  • Have unique qualification numbers and are found on government supported credit frameworks
  • Gain certificates with the regulators logo
  • Have been developed by following rigorous quality assurance procedures regulated by the official regulators

The national frameworks are RQF in England and SCQF in Scotland.  The move to RQF 2016.

ITC Qualifications: 

ITC applies the same quality assurance to bespoke ITC courses delivered by ITC Centres as we do to regulated qualifications, candidates benefit by having tailored and bespoke credible training that meets various needs where regulated qualifications might not exist or be appropriate.

New Qualification Ideas:  

If you wish for a qualification or course of instruction that ITC does not yet offer, please let us know and we will contact you for a chat.

Current Fees