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Centre Support

ITC First offers a personal service with the robust systems of a nationally regulated organisation.  ITC is responsive, dynamic and up to date and we have decades of operational experience in this sector. 

We provide business support staff with a Centre dedicated members and web office/database for each Centre - saving time and costs.  We can even provide you with a easy to use individual website that is fully integrated with our database so that data transfer and all Centre record keeping is seamless.  A huge bonus for regulated quality assurance purposes.

Value for Money - We operate a simple business model with no hidden costs, many of the services we provide are paid for by candidate registration pack fees, e.g. first aid candidate pack includes, course manual, certificate and all resources.   See Fees Policy.

  • One off £100 Centre Submission Fee (refunded as learner registrations)
  • Free annual Centre registration
  • Free qualification registration
  • Free tutor/assessor registration
  • Free delivery resources such as PowerPoint or assessment documents

There is always the argument over which Awarding Organisations offers the quality bespoke Outdoor first aid flyersupport for Centres. When all variables are taken into account, we believe as well as offering the best support available that we offer the most cost effective approachable service.

ITC believes in supporting quality training experiences  for candidates.  We constantly strive for self-improvement and expect centres to commit to meeting our aspirational approach to standards.  We provide regular events to help Centres and  staff develop their training options.

ITC First Awards are a badge of quality for your candidates.

Quality support services

  • National recognition
  • Qualifications on the national qualification frameworks attract central funding
  • Regular newsletter and updates
  • Adding value at every possible opportunity
  • Your easy to navigate, online office space hosted on ITC Quality Management System
  • Online maintenance of cpd log, training log, appraisal/verification evidence
  • Online course registration and tracking of candidate details
  • Business support
  • Office hours advice according to Customer Charter
  • Easy to use current course resources
  • Training DVD for many qualifications
  • Video streamed resources for ITC tutors
  • Your clients automatically reminded to contact you 3 months before their current qualification expires by the ITC website