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Racing to the Top

One of the first questions a potential or new Centre Manager will ask ITC staff is how much should I charge for places on my course?
There’s no easy answer when the same course can be advertised for £35 by one provider and £150 by another around the corner!
For new entrants to training it can be a daunting time, starting a new business, investing time and money and then wondering whether people will book on to your training courses.  Our initial advice would be to, do your homework!  Do some research and search online in your local area to see what the going rate is for similar training courses in your area?  Make your research quite broad as some providers specialise in specific sectors or jobs.
When you’ve got a good idea of the range of pricing options from local (and perhaps national) competitors do some sums.  Find out how much income you need to generate to break even, pay for venues, source equipment, pay any staff, off-set initial capital costs and make a living.  Based on that, you’ll then be able to calculate how much you will need to charge.  Ideally, that’s how you could figure out how much to charge for your services.

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