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ITC’s Social and Environmental Conscience

We recently shared and posted a statement our culture and values.  This was the first step in sharing what ITC stands for. 

As an awarding organisation and business, we have a responsibility to operate and act in a way which is sustainable and ethical.  Sustainability is a big word and a one which is thrown around by businesses large and small.  For ITC, sustainability, is a word with two parts; Part 1 is growing in a way which has the least impact on the global and local environment, Part 2 is growing in a way which is organic, does not rely on and utilise external finance and within our own means.  Ethical is also a loaded word, but to ITC this means operating and growing as a business by not exploiting people and helping others to succeed.  This all sounds good so far, but it’s just words on the internet.

Words are meaningless without action.

What is ITC doing to be ethical and sustainable?

The first thing we have done is to become an accredited Living Wage Employer with the living wage foundation.  ITC is committed to ensuring its staff all receive a proper living wage.  This is something ITC has always done, the difference now is that it is official with a full commitment to continue to do so into the future.

The second thing is that, ITC First has joined the Climate Action for Associations (CAFA), a global collective to drive leadership and support professional bodies, industry groups and associations reach a zero-carbon economy.  ITC’s joining of CAFA confirms our commitment to the environment and a proactive approach to climate leadership internally and to support ITC centres.  The overall goal is to become a net-zero organisation and support others towards net-zero.  We believe that ITC First is one of the first members to represent regulated awarding organisations.

This commitment has led to the review and creation of several policies, the majority of which will be publicly available over the coming weeks and months.  ITC will also be reviewing our use of paper and card over the next few months, seeking areas where we can remove of reduce our reliance, whilst still being able to be a fully compliant AO and looking at our main suppliers to ensure that they are broadly in alignment with our own goals and aspirations.

Our commitment does not stop here, ITC is also here to support and advise Centres who want to operate more sustainably or have any ideas to make our industry more environmentally sound.

As an organisation we could not be happier to be involved with two fantastic organisations and initiatives.  Here’s to a bright and sustainable future and our continuing drive to be the awarding organisation that cares.


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