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Dog First Aid

We have a new course aimed at dog owners and those who work with dogs.

Course is 5/6 hours long and is made up of 2 units. The first unit can be delivered as an Emergency Life Saving Fist Aid.  See below for unit content.

Unit one - introduction, vital signs, manage incident including restraints and carries, treatment for collapse (Recovery position for dogs), CPR, drowning, choking, introduction to blood loss shock, first aid kits. 

Unit two - bandaging and protecting wounds in the outdoors, common injuries, common medical problems, sudden illness, burns, poisons, bites/stings, heat and cold. Dog bites on humans. Consideration of homeopathic remedies and flower essences (which are widely accepted for treatment of cats and dogs!).

The course is appropriate for: dog owners, breeders clubs, professional dog walkers, dog groomers, pet retailers, dog day care, rescue centres, gun dog clubs, estate workers, rescue dogs of all form, dog charities, small holders and the farming sector.

This course is based on a similar course delivered in the US, where the canine first aid market is larger than the human first aid market.  The course has been developed in line with current veterinary practice in the UK.

The course is supported by "Dogs Trust" who provide "Be safe around dogs" leaflet primarily aimed at families with children but whose content is relevant to scene safety. The course also uses resources from the PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals) who produce information on the animal welfare act and the five rights of a dog under the act. The course helps support the act in respect of dogs, as all owners or people with care of a dog have a duty of care under the act.

No real dogs are needed on courses and dog manikins are available at approx. £30 per model (most are ¾ size). Special Dog CPR Manikins are available and cost approx. £300.  CPR protocol can be carried out on the soft models.  Candidates can also practice some exercises on each other. 

You do not have to be a dog owner to tutor the course but knowledge of dogs or ownership would always be an advantage.

Certificates of attendance are issued to successful candidates with registration costs at £3.00 plus VAT per candidate.