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Dog First Aid and Train the Trainer

We believe, one of the best courses of its type, available with short 3-hour and longer 6-hour versions.

The course especially complements an outdoor first aid programme. It has been successfully offered on the Friday evening before a 2-day OFA course at the same venue.

Dog first aid can be promoted on first aid courses as well as on websites, Centre certificate postings etc. As always dog first aid courses can be used to promote other first aid courses.

The course follows an ITC blueprint familiar to ITC tutors. The short course does not need expensive manikins. Good for families. Course tutors do not need to own a dog to run the course.

Business potential:

All dog owners, professional dog groomers, dog walkers, dog home carers, dog day carers, Colleges and private training providers providing dog grooming and care vocational qualifications. Animal shelters, dog rescue centres, staff and volunteers and all the different dog charities (volunteers and supporters), search and rescue dogs.

Dog First Aid Trainer

ITC is offering a number of events to enable Centre staff to deliver.  The 2-day programme provides experience on a public dog first aid course as a candidate, opportunities to analyse and deliver the programme in a training environment after viewing the course, all course materials, PowerPoint, course administration, handouts, course programme etc. 

There is a cost of £150 to cover costs of the Dog First Aid Trainer event. 

Next event January; 18-19, 2016, in Hartlepool.

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