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Culture and Belonging

We were recently chatting with one of our centres about what its like to be part of the ITC Family.

See what they had to say below:

“ITC has always seeked to support Centres at many levels. Some of this support is not always obvious or even publicly evident.

Clearly there is the mandated EQA and qualification development and support documents that we are all familiar with.

However when we look historically at ‘ITC trainers’ and centres there are very few who haven’t been mentored in some form or another, whether that be to deliver ITC blueprint or to pass a PTLLS.

Ian and Bernie’s approach was to run a business which at its heart was an extension of a family and therefore they historically have set up ancillary systems to fully support any business wishing to work with ITC. 

As I reminisce about that support I am immediately reminded of numerous CPD events; access to website building; loans of technical training equipment; numerous phone calls offering advice, interpretation and support even the occasional postponed invoice!

Indeed although the number of qualifications and centres has increased, the culture remains as it always was. The Awarding Organisation who cares.”

For more about ITC culture and ethos see our about us page