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Meet the Team

In no particular order, meet our team!

/live/public_about/mark good photo.jpgMark Moore

Current role? Director/Chief Executive Officer/Chief Verifier
How long have you worked for ITC? Just over 7 years
What’s your favourite part of the job? Talking to Centre staff and helping people to become successful at what they do.
Who or what inspires you? There’s no one person or thing that inspires me, but people that go out, make a difference and have strong values/ethics inspire me.
Any Hobbies? I love being outdoors, hillwalking, camping.  Also brew my own beer.  Gaming, mostly racing games.  Music is a passion of mine and is the rich tapestry which connects all of the special moments in life.

Simon Graham/live/public_about/simon photo.jpg
Current role? EQA/ ITC Trainer
How long have you work for or been involved with ITC? since 1995 'ish.
What’s your favourite part of the job? Travelling and supporting centres and its staff. Having a friendly professional blether. Helping with solutions.
Who or what inspires you? Lots of things including, wildlife, young people, ‘clever' people, modest / humble people, wisdom, acts of kindness.
Any Hobbies? Sailing ( and all the bits to do with being able to do that) Diving, riding motorbikes, cooking, socialising/ blethering. Fixing things- there seems to be more as I get older!

/live/public_about/Julie Photo.jpgJulie Myers
Current role?
Quality Assurance & Finance Manager
How long have you worked for ITC? 6 years
What’s your favourite part of the job? Being part of the ITC team/family and helping to continue the close bond we have with our existing Centres and establishing relationships with new Centres.
Who or what inspires you? My children inspire me with their energy and enthusiasm for life.  They keep me young.
Any Hobbies? I am a bit of a fitness freak and exercise whenever I can. I love to go for walks, swim, run and go to the gym.  Reading!  I recently revisited crocheting and keep ‘creating’ items such as baby cardigans, blankets, doilies, coasters, etc.  My Grandchildren will be my weekend hobby again as well as family get togethers/outings.

Maxine Lock
Current role? External quality assurance/live/public_about/Maxine Photo.jpg
How long have you worked for or been involved with ITC? Just over 7 years, first as a centre then also as an EQA
What’s your favourite part of the job? Getting to visit ITC centres all over the country, supporting the development of others and also learning from others – some centres are just amazing in what they offer. I love meeting all the other centre managers and trainers. 
Who or what inspires you? I am inspired by other people who have a positive outlook on life and who are achievers. 
Any Hobbies? I have many hobbies mostly associated with outdoor activities – I run ultra marathons of 50 -100 miles, I walk and have intentions to complete as many long distance trails as I can both in the UK and abroad, I mountain bike and have plans to complete some trail routes and I also love to go out and wild camp. I also knit, especially socks in jazzy colours.

/live/public_about/Charlotte photo.jpgCharlotte Bratt
Current role? Business Administrator 
How long have you worked for or been involved with ITC? 4 Years
What’s your favourite part of the job? Supporting centres and helping them along the way, whether it's admin support or new centres.  I find it satisfying seeing people be successful.  Also, Mark's dog Ripley brightens up a day.
Who or what inspires you? No one person, people who never give up and continue going no matter what they've gone through inspire me as it reminds myself that no matter how hard times get there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
Any Hobbies? In my spare time outside of work I follow Hartlepool United (poor me I know, someone's got to) I also like to socialise with my friends and family and I have started to really enjoy going for long walks.

Jane Varey
Current role? Compliance and Quality Manager/live/public_about/jane photo 2.jpg
How long have you work for or been involved with ITC? Just about 1 year.
What’s your favourite part of the job? Making everything up to date, compliant, in the same format and organised! Also I get to interact with so many different people from ITC, Centres and other organisations.
Who or what inspires you? I was always inspired by Nelson Mandela's decency after how he was treated in prison. My children inspire me for the future.
Any Hobbies? Gardening - I love growing tomatoes , chillies and aubergines and have even followed Tudor techniques to grow aubergines outside in Northern England.

/live/public_about/pat photo.jpgPat Nichol
Current role?
How long have you work for or been involved with ITC? Over 12 years, surviving 3 office moves.
What’s your favourite part of the job? Helping people to achieve their goals in whatever they do.
Who or what inspires you? Quiet people who are not generous with money, but with advice, support, assistance and time (if they have it to spare) and who keep going no matter what.
Any Hobbies? All wildlife and animals, especially anything equine, particularly enjoy eventing as it involves all three riding disciplines and regularly go to watch these and compete occasionally.