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ITC First Ethos

We believe ITC to be an ethical business. The ITC  business reflects an extension of our personal ethics and morals.  When you contact anyone associated with ITC we will always do our best to do the right thing for you.

We are aspirational in our targets and endeavour to be inspirational in our methods.  We have a culture of feedback and professionalism embedded in everything we do.  

"Quality, is attention to many details without losing sight of the ultimate objective." Ian Moore - Operations Manager

If you are approaching one of our Centres, they will have had this caring philosophy at the heart of all of their contact with ITC.  In turn they will aim to provide the very best training experience for you.

If you are approaching ITC with the intention of delivering training then be prepared to work ethically and hard to deliver a quality product. The strength of ITC is the quality of its Centres.  We will support ITC Centres in any way we can. 

  • Trade is essential, but needs not to be exploitative/live/public_homepage/Business help.jpg
  • Profit is fine, but not greed
  • Reward is in fulfilment, but not in avarice
  • Growth is okay, but not by trampling over people

We aim to be fair and balanced in everything we do; respect, compassion, empathy and objectivity define our relationships in and out of work.  This philosophy is not a process, tool or formula but pervades our entire activity.

Make the right choice

The ITC Team