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Motorcyclist First Aid - 1 day (ITC)

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/live/qualifications/Motorcyclist First Aid ITC First.jpgThe motorcyclist may well be the first on the scene in a lonely location and is often faced with daunting decisions not typically covered on a work based first aid course, especially if the casualty is another biker.  This course uses 'Systems First Aid' and provides the knowledge and skills to manage incidents involving motorcycle casualty's safely until emergency medical help arrives.

Industry Recognition and Support:
This course receives wide support from both individuals and organisations involved with motorcycling. Including:
• Dept of Transport THINK campaign 
• BMF – British Motorcycle Federation
• Ogri Ltd
• Motorcycle UK Ltd
• WTRA – Welsh Trial Riders Association
• Martin Hillier - Gloucestershire Constabulary


This course is delivered by experienced professional first aid trainers, using modern training methods and resources, following latest guidelines and best first aid practice. Bring your own leathers and helmets.

Topics include:  Safe best practice, protecting the scene, moving and handling techniques, a systematic approach to incident management, unconsciousness, causes and treatment, external bleeding, internal bleeding, shock, resuscitation procedure, choking, spinal management, helmet removal [when to, when not to and how to], simulated incidents, using your own bike gear


  • Interactive hands on practical training
  • One CPR training manikin per 2 participants
  • Easy to follow individual course manual
  • An ITC certificate valid for 3 year
  • This certificate is revalidated by attending another 'Emergency Action for Motorcyclists' course in 3 years time.