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Learning Beyond the Classroom Centre Induction Event (ITC Centres only)

This induction event is aimed at centre staff wishing to deliver this qualification.   The ITC Level 3 Award in Learning Beyond the Classroom, aims to provide teachers and other facilitators of learning with some underpinning principles to take that step from their normal classroom environment into the wider world.  It aims to allow teachers and those involved with teaching to see the wider world as one giant learning environment, whilst also considering and overcoming any perceived challenges. 

The qualification seeks to create a culture of challenging perceptions, instil confidence and support the growing movement and culture of encouraging learning in the most appropriate environment, wherever that may be!

The event will cover the following topics:

  • Assessment Strategy
  • Assessment Evidence
  • IQA Strategy
  • Teaching Ideas Workshop
  • Supporting Your Training Business
  • Open Q&A Session

This is a mandatory event for those staff wishing to deliver the ITC Level 3 Award in Learning Beyond the Classroom.

This event is for current ITC Centre staff only.

For more information on delivery of the qualification at your Centre please take a look at the qualification page.

 To access the Booking Form - Click on this link.


  Start Date  



  Learning Beyond  

  the Classroom  

  Centre Induction



  23rd February  

  20th April

  14th June

  7th September 

  22nd November  

   All Virtually


  ITC Centres only