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Dog First Aid Induction Event

This event has been designed specifically for individuals who are considering, or would like to offer, ITC Dog First Aid qualifications.  The event is run co-operatively with Alder Holly Ltd.

First aid qualifications for people have been around for a long time now.  What happens when there's an emergency with a dog?  There isn't a network of ambulances for our pets, you can’t dial 999 - perhaps there's something else we can do?

ITC and Alder Holly Ltd have developed two Dog First Aid qualifications and this event will provide those who want to deliver these courses with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to provide nationally standardised qualifications. 

This event is mandatory if you would like to deliver ITC Dog First Aid qualifications.



  Start Date  



 Dog FA Induction Event   

 5-6th April 2018


 21-22nd May 2018 


 1-2nd Sept 2018


 8-9th Dec 2018








 ITC Centres only 

 £175 + Vat 

If you are interested in this event, please contact Mark Harris @ Alder Holly on