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Deliver, Train & Assess Bespoke Qualifications

Have you been asked to deliver a bespoke course?   Or   Perhaps you’re interested in expanding your current offering in a particular sector?  

The answer to both of these questions can be found at this event. 

ITC First can accredit and certificate innovative, novel and bespoke training courses, allowing ITC Centres to expand their offering and have maximum flexibility when speaking to clients about meeting their training requirements.  

The possibilities for putting together and running your own bespoke qualifications are endless. 

This event is perfect for individuals who have been asked to deliver a bespoke qualification, which does not currently have a national qualification available.  It aims to give those attending support, structure and solutions to deliver their own bespoke training courses, whilst still receiving the support and quality badge of an Awarding Body.

When you book on to this event you can expect to receive guidance on:

  • Meeting your clients requests/requirements
  • Developing bespoke training materials
  • Developing and using assessments
  • Meeting quality assurance requirements
  • Providing documentation to ITC
  • Resource implications 
  • Roles and responsibilities and what to do if you want to get your new course regulated.  

Your course leader will also be able to answer the questions you have and the ones that you don’t have yet.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event and supporting your ideas and imagination.  Lets create together!


If you are interested in this event, please click here to register.


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  Deliver, Train & Assess  

  Bespoke Qualifications 


  CANCELLED - No bookings 

  - 2nd April, 2019 


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  - 14th June, 2019 


  12th November, 2019


  3rd December, 2019  








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 £100 + Vat