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2-Day First Aid Assessor Induction

Are you new to First Aid training   OR   A Centre Manager looking to train a new staff member?  Then this the event you need.

This event is aimed at those who are new to delivering (teaching and assessing) first aid qualifications.

We know standing up to delivery your first course can be a daunting experience, however ITC have developed an induction event to prepare you to hit the ground running on your first, first aid course.  The event is a practical induction to ITC First assessment methods for First Aid qualifications.  

It's a practical event where you will be introduced to, and practice our practical and engaging teaching and assessment methods.  No prior experience of first aid qualification delivery is required, as the event is for those who are brand new to the sector.  

The event will be led by an experienced ITC trainer, Assessor and Quality Assurer, who will ensure that you have plenty of opportunity to practice and ask questions.

This event will cover:
- The role of the Assessor
- Introduction to ITC First documents
- Practical introduction to simulation and scenario based training
- Practical introduction to ITC First assessment methods for First Aid qualifications
- Introduction to the ITC Web Office

As a First Aid qualification Assessor, you will also need:
- A Teaching qualification (Level 3 or above)
- An Assessing qualification (Level 3 or above)
- A 3-day First Aid at Work Qualification (or be a registered Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic)

This event is for ITC Centres and their staff only

If you are interested in this event, please click here to register.


  Start Date  



  2-Day First Aid  




 17-18 May

 5-6 July

 4-5 October



 3-4 May

 12-13 July

 4-5 October










 ITC Centres only

 £440 + Vat