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Deliver First Aid Qualifications with ITC First

/live/qualifications/itc-centre for outdoor first aid.jpgTraining providers seeking to deliver and expand their delivery of regulated first aid qualifications contact ITC. 

ITC First has an unrivalled reputation for supporting environment specific first aid qualifications and tailored first aid courses. 

Benefits include:

  • As an ITC First Centre your first aid qualifications automatically meet the due diligence required of employers when selecting their first aid training providers for first aid at work purposes. You may state this on your website.

  • As well as First Aid at Work qualifications we provide access to other first aid qualifications, such as - Outdoor First Aid - Paediatric First Aid - Basic Life Support and Anaphylaxis - Basic Life Support and AED - First Aid for Sport.

  • ITC Centres can deliver 'First Aid Instructor/Train the Trainer' training with our support.

Outdoor First Aid DeliveryIf you feel you would benefit from the expertise of our professional, expert support staff or the expertise of other centres, then you may want to explore the options set out below:

  • Arrange for a member of your staff to attend one or some of the many programmed ITC Events on offer.
  • Arrange for a member of your staff to attend a 2-day ITC Induction event for them to effectively use ITC training methods and administration and be delivering quickly and effectively.
  • Arrange with the ITC Office for a bespoke Induction event for your staff at your venue.
  • Arrange to attend a course as a candidate/observer at another ITC Centre.
  • Arrange to employ existing ITC Centre staff [freelance/part-time basis] to assist new Centres to deliver immediately.

ITC Centres can provide all of the qualifications required for you to deliver regulated first aid training.

Personal qualifications required to deliver first aid qualifications:

1. Teaching qualification e.g. Level 3 Award in Education and Training or higher

2. Current Level 3 First Aid at Work Certificate

3. Training Log showing current teaching/assessing of first aid

Trainer/assessors are expected to be occupationally competent. 

Outdoor First Aid Scenario ITCE.g. ITC supports environment specific first aid qualifications such as  Outdoor First Aid.  To deliver Outdoor First Aid trainers are required to hold an Advanced Outdoor First Aid certificate.





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