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News - ITC First Supporting the Wind Industry

The renewable energy and wind turbine industry is currently experiencing huge growth in the UK and across the world with new sites being developed constantly, often in remote and sometimes hostile locations.  As with any growing industry, a steady supply of competent and qualified workers are needed to fulfill an ever-increasing demand from employers.

ITC First, with direction and support from the industry and close working relationship with Maersk Training, have developed two qualifications to meet this skills gap that also meet the exacting standards of the industry; ITC Level 1 Certificate in Safe Working Practice in the Wind Turbine Industry and ITC Level 2 Diploma in Safe Working Practice in the Wind Turbine Industry.  These qualifications are the latest additions to ITC First’s portfolio of accredited qualifications, representing a subtle change in direction and emphasis of ITC First as an Awarding Organisation.

 The Level 1 Certificate introduces new recruits to the fundamentals of staying safe in a potentially dangerous work environment, while the Level 2 develops and builds upon this knowledge allowing the learners to acquire the essential health and safety skills required to work in the Wind Turbine industry.

 Both qualifications include working with electrics and electronics, manual handling, first aid, working at heights, fire safety, health and safety and employment skills.  The Level 2 Diploma additionally includes sea survival and working in confined spaces.  It is hands-on, with students taking part in a variety of activities whilst completing their portfolios.  Courses are usually delivered as a full-time course over a 12-week period.

 ITC First Chief Verifier, Mark Moore said, “The qualifications represent a lot of hard work and perseverance over the past 18 months from all of those involved. We hope these new qualifications will become an accepted standard in this growing industry.  We are keen to continue to support this sector.”

 Successful candidates have already gained employment as Wind Turbine Technicians in a variety of roles across the globe.

 Both qualifications have been approved for public funding under the Adult Skills Budget and it is hoped these qualifications will become standard for new recruits into the industry.  Prospective students can find further details on the qualification page.