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ITC Award in Manual Handling Principles and Practice at SCQF Level 5

Incorrect manual handling, trips and slips are the most common causes of injury at work.  This qualification will satisfy employers that their employees are sufficiently informed and trained in accordance with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 2002,  in correct techniques for manual handling and moving safely around the workplace.  Each workplace has its own unique risks and this qualification is suitable for all.


Topics include; roles & responsibilities, hazards, risk assessment, safe movement, manual handling, servicing.

This qualification is designed to provide essential manual handling skills.  Typical delivery methods are practical and the course is assessed by observation of candidate performance and a brief multiple choice questionnaire.


Qualification training requires:

  • Minimum tutor contact time of 6 hours
  • Course must be completed within 3 weeks of starting
  • Successful completion will result in candidate gaining an ITC  Award in Manual Handling Principles and Practice certificate

Candidate Registration Fee - £5/live/qualifications/itc first customer service.jpg

Fee includes:
- Certificate for each candidate.
- SQA logo on each certificate.
- Teaching programme, notes, handouts, PowerPoint.
- Practical assessment materials.
- Course delivery administration.
- Automatic reminder to attend your course again in 3 years time.



Centre Requirements

All described in the downloadable qualification specification.  Please contact ITC with any queries.


Downloads related to this qualification:

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